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What Can I Document for you?

Whether you're expecting a big event or life is perfectly imperfect as is, let's capture the moment and make some magic.

newborn imagery


The newborn phase is full of emotion. It is beautiful but also sensitive and I am grateful to be welcomed into people’s homes and lives in such an intimate setting. I like to schedule photoshoot when baby is around two weeks old. Sessions are done in client’s home, when natural light is brightest. Read more...

family photo

Family, Child, and Pet Portraiture

We strive to capture meaningful and special moments that you and your family can cherish for years to come. Our expertise lies in natural light photography, and we work hard to ensure that our clients are comfortable and relaxed throughout the course of the session. Read more...

maternity photography


Capture the beauty and joy of your pregnancy in a way you will treasure forever. We begin with a consultation to determine the best location for your session, then do all of the behind-the-scenes organization so that you can relax and enjoy the day!


portrait photography

Adult Portraiture

The portrait session is designed to make you feel like a model and have fun in the process! We start with some location shots, then move into setting up lights (if needed) and use natural light to capture unique images of you that you can use for your portfolio, social media, or website. Read more...

boudoir photographer


I don’t particularly care for mainstream boudoir photography. So that’s not my goal for these shoots. I think every woman should celebrate their unique and powerful bodies. And what better way to honor yourself than by showcasing you. Every age, stage, weight, is a chapter. Read more...

wedding photography


Wedding photography requires attention to detail, and elegant details are my favorite. From the ring to the reception, I’ll make sure your day is beautifully accounted for. Read more...

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