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The newborn phase is full of emotion. It is beautiful but also sensitive, and I am grateful to be welcomed into people’s homes and lives in such an intimate setting. 


I like to schedule photoshoot when baby is around two weeks old. Sessions are done in client’s home, when natural light is brightest. The entire family is photographed together and separately with baby to create a diverse and cohesive album. 

Average session lasts around 90 min, but can increase or decrease, depending on amount of children. 


Baby is swaddled to sleep for majority of session (bad sleepers beware, I have yet to meet a baby I couldn’t get to sleep). I bring along a white swaddle for baby but clients can of course use their own if desired. 

When there are older siblings, particularly toddlers under the age of four, the session tends to revolve around them. Be prepared for breaks, snacks, and some manipulation along the way. And don’t worry: they call me the baby whisperer, but they also call me the toddler whisperer. You’re in good hands.




Digital Album of 35 images




Digital Album + 8x10 Custom Wall Hang  



Digital Album, 8x10 Custom Wall Hang, 12x12 Custom Photo Album with

Linen Cover 


First Year Collective


Newborn Session, Digital Album, & Custom Wall Hang

+ 3 follow up Mini Sessions throughout first year 



Custom Album



Custom Wall Hangs

Available Sizes:

5x7        $85

8x10     $150

11x14    $200

16x20   $250



Birth Announcements

Custom Design + High Quality Printing: 


  • Includes White Swaddle

  • Comfortable and casual clothing works best for these sessions

  • Veer towards neutral tones-avoid  bright colors and distracting prints (no small stripes or plaid)

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