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Ultimate Guide for Family Photo Sessions

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Styling your family
Veer away from trends, classic styles are preferred so images have a timeless quality. Also choose something that feels like you or you won't feel comfortable.
No matchy matchy, think coordinating outfits instead.
Consider what are these images being used for. Holiday cards? If for the wall you’d probably want something appropriate year round as opposed to card photos (gotta love a red dress, or really any bright colors for holiday cards if that’s your style).

All that being said, don't forget that rules are meant to be broken! I don't have all the answers and if your vision breaks these rules and you love it, then go for it!

Pick flattering silhouettes for your body NOW not what you want it             to be. No judgement! We all do it.
If photo shoes hard to walk in, bring flops for walking.
Take the Apple watch off. I promise this won’t be a timeless look.
Hair ties off wrist!                  
HAIR: get it colored, I cannot edit out grays and roots.

Botox and fillers: If you partake, have it done well ahead of time! Please don't show up bruised and swollen.

NO FINE STRIPES because they strobe in digital imagery.
Remove items from pockets.
Take Apple watch off.

Make sure their underwear can't be seen. Consider matching or cute bloomers for short dresses.
Haircuts (if you’re worried about bangs in eyes) do this 2 weeks            beforehand.

NO SHOWING DIAPERS (bloomers please gawd)                       

Shoes that constantly fall off can be time waster.

*ditch outfits that constantly need to be fiddled with: Collars that pop, straps that fall, headbands that won’t stay etc. When outfits require so much effort to maintain during the shoot it really takes away from the amount and quality of photos.

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Posing 101, Yourself


When posing, just worry about yourself! Don’t worry about fussing at the kids, that’s my job! I just need you to sit or stand there and look your best.

Knowing your favorite side: look at your favorite photos of yourself, this is a pretty telling method.

Shoulders back, core activated, press hips back slightly when standing

Posing the family
Unless I am getting candid shots, I am wanting all my subjects on the same horizontal plane to ensure everyone will be in focus for the perfect family portrait. A good (and silly) way to achieve this is to pretend everyone is touching their nose’s against the same sheet of glass.

Things to bring


Hair brush if you don’t want to share mine.

Treats to bribe if necessary. I try not to rely on this method bc it can spiral but when in a pinch it can work.

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Just remember that the goal is to capture the LOVE, and we can't do that if you're growling. So take a deep breath, round up dem kids and lezzgo!

We've all been know what I'm talking about, the extra stressful family shoot. From the planning of the outfits, to getting everyone ready and in the car on time, all whilst fantasizing about divorce and putting your kids up for adoption. Kidding! Maybe. It can all be so much. But it doesn't have be! Here is the ultimate guide to planning for your family shoot so we can decrease the stress and increase the fun, creating beautiful and timeless images you will cherish forever.

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