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New Orleans photographer
New Orleans newborn photography

Hello and welcome into my world of photography!  I am a New Orleans based portrait photographer, and I would love to document your story. From weddings and graduations, to baby bumps and branding, I’ve got you covered. Let’s create some incredible imagery you will treasure always.

New Orleans family photography
New Orleans head shot photographer
child portraiture
Family photography new orleans
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New Orleans newborn photographer

What Can I Document For You?

Whether you're expecting a big event or life is perfectly imperfect as is, let's capture the moment and make some magic.

newborn imagery


The newborn phase is full of emotion. It is beautiful but also sensitive, and I am grateful to be welcomed into people’s homes and lives in such an intimate setting. I like to schedule photoshoot when baby is around two weeks old. Sessions are done in client’s home, when natural light is brightest. Read more...

family photo

Family, Child, and Pet Portraiture

Family photo shoots have gained the reputation of being a stressful and chaotic experience. And while I can't promise there won't be any chaos, I can guarantee we are going to get some outstanding outcomes. So take a deep breath, let the kids be kids, and don't shutter is fast!

maternity photographer


One of my biggest regrets is not having professional maternity photos taken of myself during my first pregnancy. I felt far from beautiful and unfortunately decided against a shoot. Needless to say, my second bump is in the books (and on the wall).

Whether you're ready to strut for me or need guidance, I am here. I promise to get your best angles and make the outcome worth it.

portrait photography

Adult Portraiture

In today's image driven society there are endless reasons for a photo shoot! From a simple head shot to an all out branding session, I will work with you to produce the imagery you need. Big birthday coming up? Graduating? Yep, I got you covered.  Read more...

boudoir photographer


I don’t particularly care for mainstream boudoir photography. So that’s not my goal for these shoots. I think every woman should celebrate their unique and powerful bodies. And what better way to honor yourself than by showcasing you. Every age, stage, weight, is a chapter. Read more...

wedding photography


Wedding photography requires attention to detail, and elegant details are my favorite. From the ring to the reception, I’ll make sure your day is beautifully accounted for. Read more...

nola newborn photographer

“We have trusted her from the beginning to photograph our family. ”

As a child I spent hours pouring over our family photo albums. Not only did they tell the story of my life, but they created a visual of what existed before. They served as a reference point, a source of navigation, a north star which led to “me”. They provided a sense of security, and most importantly, a sense of belonging.

Photography is such an important medium for the telling of our stories. I would argue it to be the most important.


And I would love to tell your story.

Kyla Madden Harris

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